Ocean12 Membership Manager Pro

License Agreement
Single Site License
Access $9.99
Developer License
Access $19.99
A membership management application designed to allow a website owner to easily add password protected areas to their website.

Source Code Full source code is included, allowing the software to be modified for custom projects.
Installation Our installation is designed to be exceptionally easy. Just unzip and upload. There is no code to edit & configuration is done via the web browser.
Database support MS Access database stores all data.
Implementation Just copy and paste a snippet of code onto each page you want to password protect.
No limits Maintain unlimited protected areas & users from a single installation.
Administrative access Add multiple administrative accounts to give users administrative privileges to the application.
User access Allow users to register for password-protected access.
Account expiration Set expiration date for user accounts.
Tracking Keep track of user logins.
Registration notification Be notified via email when a new user registers.
Mail components Supports ASPEmail, ASPMail, CDONTS, CDOSYS, Dundas Mailer, & JMail.