Ocean12 Mailing List Manager Gold

License Agreement
Single Site License
Access $39.99
SQL Server $49.99
Developer License
Access $59.99
SQL Server $69.99
Hosting Requirements
This script is designed to run on any Microsoft Windows hosting platform that is running IIS and supports ASP (Active Server Pages). There are no server side components to install.
Mail Component
This script requires one of the following mail components to be installed:

  • ASPEmail
  • ASPMail
  • JMail
  • Microsoft Access Database Requirements
    This script is designed to utilize an Access 2000 database file for data storage. The script connects to the database via a DSN-less connection. Read-Write permissions will need to be set on the database file in order for the script to have the ability to save data in the database. Most webhosts provide a web-based control panel which can be used to set file permissions. If not, you can to contact your web host/system administrator and request that they set the permissions for you.
    Microsoft SQL Server Database Requirements
    Access to a SQL Server account provided by your hosting provider is required.