Ocean12 Calendar Manager Pro

Configuring the script
Step 1
      -   Open a web browser, and enter the URL of the directory where you uploaded the script files. At the end of this URL, add "admin/" to point the URL to the admin directory that is located within the script directory. Press Enter to go to that URL.
Step 2
- You should now be at the Administration Control Panel login screen. Login using the default login ID and password. The default login ID and password are set to:
     ID: Admin
     Password: Admin!
Step 3
- You should now be logged into the Administration Control Panel. Click on the link titled "Settings" on the left navigation bar.
Step 4
- This is where all of the script configuration is done. Complete the form and press the "Update" button.
Step 5
- Your script is now installed and configured. You are now ready to create a category.