Ocean12 Mailing List Manager Pro

Generating the HTML Code
Step 1
      -   Make sure you are logged into the Administration Control Panel and click on the "Generate HTML" link on the left navigation bar.
Step 2
- You now must enter the colors you want to use for your subscribe form, or you can leave the colors at their default. Press the "Generate" button.
Step 3
- You will now be shown what your subscribe form will look like with the colors you have selected. If you don't like the colors, and want to change them, simply press the back button on your web browser and enter the new colors you want to try. If you like the colors you have selected, you can copy the HTML from the window below the subscribe form. Note: The subscribe form on this page is active, and you can enter user information and press the "Go" button and it will take you to the User registration page.
Step 4
- Now you just have to paste the HTML code in to your site HTML and upload that page to your server.
Step 5
- Once you have done this, you are done. Visitors to your site can now sign up for the mailing list (as long as they can find the subscribe form on your site).

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