Ocean12 Membership Manager Pro

Installing the script
Step 1
      -   Locate the .zip file on your hard drive.
Step 2
- Unzip the file's contents into a new directory somewhere on your hard drive.
Step 3
- Upload the unzipped files into a new directory somewhere on your server. (i.e.: www.yourdomain.com/membership/). Do not upload the .zip file that contains the script files.
Step 4
- Make sure that read-write permissions are set on the database file (o12member.mdb). You may need to contact your system administrator and request that they set the permissions for you. If you get an error while trying to add or update data while using the application, the problem is most likely that read-write permissions are not set on the database file.
Step 5
- The script is now installed on your server. The next step is to login to the administration control panel and complete the setup.