Ocean12 Membership Manager Pro

Security Issues
Step 1
      -   In order to make sure your application is secure as possible, you will want to move the database file (o12member.mdb) into a different directory than the default one. You will also want to rename the database to something besides o12member.mdb (example: memberdata.mdb). For the best security, place it in a directory which cannot be accessed via the web.
Step 2
- Once you have decided where to move the database file (o12member.mdb), you will need to update the connection string so the application knows where to find the database. To do this, open the dsn.asp file with a simple text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad (DO NOT open the file with Frontpage or Microsoft Word. These programs will make changes to the file that may cause the application to not function.
Step 3
- Once you have the dsn.mdb file open, locate the Server.Mappath("o12member.mdb") code on the 2nd line. Change the o12member.mdb to the name and path to the changed database. For example: Server.Mappath("data/membership.mdb").
Step 5
- Once you have done this, you are done. The application is ready for use.

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