Ocean12 Poll Manager Pro

Adding a poll
Step 1
      -   Login to the control panel.
Step 2
- Click on the "Create Poll" link located in the top-right corner of the page.
Step 3
- Enter the information about the poll you are adding and click the "Create" button.
Step 4
- Now the poll is created and you must now add questions. Click on the link titled "Click here to add questions."
Step 5
- Now simply enter the question and the answers to the question. You can also set the start values to whatever value (must be a number) you like, or you can leave it at zero.
Step 5
- Once you are done you can either click the "Save and add a new question" link if you would like to add another question or you can click the "Save and Finish" button if you are done adding questions.
Step 6
- Your questions have now been created, but now you must make sure they are in the order that you want them in. Click on the "Return" link and you will be brought to the questions manager interface where you can change the order of the questions. Simply use the pulldown menus next to each question to select what number you would like this question to be. Once you are done, click the "update order" link to save the order values.
Step 7
- Everything is now complete and the poll and its questions have been created. Just click the "Safe and Finish" button and you will be taken to the view poll page where you can view the stats of the poll.

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