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In this article we discuss in detail with regards to building your career in the marine biology and Scuba diving there’s so much i can share you about basically getting your foot in the door and diving jobs that can take you anywhere in the world

These are the five best scuba diving jobs in the world

1. Divemaster

we’re going to start with number one very first job I wanted to talk about getting your foot in the door with the scuba industry is a divemaster a divemaster is basically the entry level into the professional world and really making actual money in the scuba diving industry

Those people are mainly going to be assisting on scuba courses happening at any specific dive shop or dive resort. So as far as actually becoming a divemaster you’ll need about 40 Dives to actually get started with the program and during that program, it can take anywhere from two weeks to two months.

They really can take as long as you want your just going to be paying for Additional accommodation during that time. But during that time, you’re going to be mastering the 24 skills in scuba diving to basically be able to demonstrate those to open water and new divers.

So you basically want an instructor to be able to come to you with any specific skill of those 24 basic skills and have you easily demonstrate any of those skills as a divemaster you’re going to be able to lead Dives for different divers people that are already qualified.

You’re going to be able to Create a dive plan for them in either lead them in the water or out of the water from the boat, as a divemaster. You’re going to actually begin to have some employment opportunities at different dive shops and dive resorts anywhere around the world to do these things

Assisting with courses Instructing a few very basic entry-level courses in the diving world and also being able to lead divers so there does come a bit of responsibility with this role, but you’re always going to be working kind of on the lower end pole under instructors that are going to be able to guide you and assist you at any point in time.

But you’re going to have that responsibility and ability to do these entry-level things in the diving industry.

2. Open Water Scuba Instructor

If you’re starting to really get into the diving industry and want to take your career one step further then next step is going to be becoming an open-water scuba instructor can be a major resume boost over a divemaster.

Because when people are employing divemasters and instructors kind of together when they’re looking for new people that can assist or instruct specific courses and instructors going to be able to do everything that a diagnostic can plus a little bit more.

There are some resorts and industries that will want a divemaster over a scuba instructor. It can just be sometimes difficult to find those very specific resorts in places that are only looking for divemaster and they don’t need as much assistance instructing on different courses.

So I say Open Water scuba instructor with Padi and I’m not sure how this works with other organizations but you are going to be able to assist and teach open water Advanced emergency, First Response, rescue, peak performance buoyancy, discover scuba diving, discover local diving and project aware specialty courses.

So that’s actually a whole lot of things that you’re able to teach just as a padi Open Water scuba instructor more than five things which was something that I wasn’t totally aware of until takes research about this specific career.

You’re actually able to teach a pretty wide range of things so this can give you a major benefit over divemaster because you’re actually able to teach a lot more courses and have a little bit more versatility and your role in a dive shop or dive center.

You’re also going to be very versatile when working in a Dive Center because you’re going to be able assist you’re also going to be a lot more knowledgeable and a lot more safe on the boat and with dives themselves because you’re going to have a lot more experience with lots of different kinds of diving and lots of different kinds of divers as well.

You’re interested in becoming a scuba instructor and Open Water scuba instructor. You’re going to need at least 60 dives that’s according to Padi specifically and you’re also going to need to do the IEC course, which is going to include an assistant instructor portion and then the Open Water scuba instructor portion as well.

Once you’re actually certified I think one of the coolest things in the world is that you can literally have a position anywhere in the world with something like this. I mean like a dive faster but there’s Is so many more job opportunities working as a Dive Master or scuba instructor anywhere in the world.

If you speak English, this can be a major advantage because you’re going to be able to teach many different dive resorts, many tourist focused scuba dive shops and dive centers often will be using English as the primary language but it can also benefit you majorly to have experience with other languages if you’re able to teach in different languages, you are going to have major advantage by being able to teach a lot more people

3. Master Scuba Diver Trainer

A master scuba diver trainer is more qualified than an open-water scuba instructor simply for the reason that they’re able to teach specialty courses. So in order to become a master scuba diver trainer in padi you need 25 certifications under your belts that you’ve already taught and also five specialty courses that you can instruct.

There are 25 in Padi I don’t know about other organizations that you can choose from just any of those five if you become an instructor for each of those courses you can become a master scuba diver trainer.

This can be really fantastic continue to resume give you a lot more opportunities for jobs because you’re obviously able to teach a lot more and divers things something to think about for this kind of position is that in my opinion

I wouldn’t want to think carefully about what courses you choose to teach if you are mainly doing it for the rest May boost

I would think carefully about where you’re going to be intending to teach because certain areas in the world are going to really value certain types of specialty courses.

For example on the west coast of the United States or in any colder Waters in the you really valuable if you have that dry suit specialty instructor certification or if you’re even colder than that having ice diver certification.

If you’re somewhere in Florida or somewhere with many caves is going to be really useful to have that powdered or cave diving instructor specialty certification.

So just some things to think about in what you might choose of the 25 because it can get really expensive.

If you’re just Gathering all of these certifications for instructing for all these different things they can also make you a worse instructor if you have like 12 different instructor courses that you can teach because you’re not going to have as much like specializing peeping it’s in one specific kind of course and a lot of expertise in fewer courses this can sometimes or a lot of time to be more valuable than having a lot less experience and a lot less expertise in many different courses that you can teach kind of okay as opposed to fewer courses that you can teach really well.

4. IDC Staff Instructor

The Next Step Up Above even a master scuba diver trainer is becoming an ITC staff instructor so in IDC staff Instructor is able to assist on the IDC course and they’re also able to actually independently instruct assistant instructors

IDC staff instructors are going to be able to teach those people independently and they’re also going to be able to help on the ITC course.

Having a position like this would give you obviously in even larger resume boost if you’re looking for really diving into the scuba industry and really making sure that you can have those higher level positions

As an IBC staff instructor you’re also going to become an extremely aware and extremely safe diver because you’re actually going to be thinking very critically about how the information is actually taught to new divers.

When you just dive period and when you’re even watching people teach diving you’re going to be able to spot so many more small errors within teaching that are going to make you a much more confident much more safer diver for everyone around you.

It’s the last round I wanted to talk about and this is probably one that is a little bit unrelated but still completely related to scuba diving and that is the boat captain

5. Boat Captain

A boat captain can give you a really wide range of availability within diving industry because you can basically do anything in a dive shop or well a lot of things in a dive shop that you weren’t able to do just as a specific diver.

So obviously if you’re at most diving resorts,dive shops if you don’t have a boat you’re not going anywhere so boat captain is extremely important for a dive facility to make sure that you’re actually able to dive

Many dive shops really value If you’re both an instructor or someone with scuba diving experience in also about captain because you’re able to actually assist on many different things within the facility and they don’t need to hire as many People

I’ve heard of some dive shops are really function like that where any given person that’s an instructor or diving master might be assisting in the water or driving the boat one day or another

So it can really be helpful in getting you that additional certification and additional experience on a boat to be able to assist in many different kinds of situations

These are my five main jobs that can literally take you anywhere in the world of related to scuba diving in the ocean industry

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