Top 6 Best Marine Biology Internships For Undergraduates In USA

Hello everyone welcome to ocean12tech today we are going to be discuss in detail about 6 best paid marine biology internships for undergraduates in the United States Of America and fellowship opportunities that you can apply to right now

1. NOAA Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship

NOAA stands for the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association and this is basically US governments program to ocean and within the air so the actual program itself is highly variable and that’s Clearly a large scholarship to allow an undergraduate to participate any kind of related research to NOAA

The actual funding for the internship is $9500 per year so they’ll fund your tuition if you’ve achieved this scholarship your junior and senior year and in between those years in  summer they will find an internship also paid about $700 per week at a NOAA facility of your choosing

There’s NOAA facilities all around the world so there’s all kinds of different things that you can work on so once you’re accepted as a NOAA Hollings scholar into this really competitive you then have to look for a specific sponsor that you want to work with at a new facility

So you have to do a bit of work yourself in actually finding a research supervisor on a project somewhere in the world facility at NOAA but once you are in Noah Hollings scholar you have funding and you’ve already proven that you’re a very successful driven applicant

So it’s not too difficult to find someone to work with as long as they have something for you to work on so don’t stress too much about that but once you actually do the internship there’s a really wide range of things that you can work on

I have seen many people were working in Hawaii on a variety of programs one was an environmental engineer working on a surveillance system for monk seals on the island some people working with national monument in Hawaii some working with coral ecology and different people works on different departments

So there’s all kinds of different things you can work on and a lot of funding that comes along with this they’ll also on top of the internship will fund you to go to a conference after you’ve completed your internship to talk about your research

NOAA will fund everything for you like tickets to get there to the conference and give you a stipend every single day while you’re there.

2. NOAA Educational Partnership Program With Minority Serving Institutions (EPP MSI) Undergraduate Scholarship Program

EPP MSI is best new internship and this one is specifically for minority serving so really incredible by NOAA in establishing this scholarship it’s basically the NOAA Hollings scholarship but even better and only for people of underrepresented

The NOAA educational partnership program with minority serving institutions, undergraduates scholarship programs they abbreviated EPP MSI, undergraduate scholarship program is better than NOAA Holling scholarship because it’s only for minority serving institutions

According to the US Department of State in minority serving institution is a Hispanic Serving Institution with historically black college and universities, Tribal colleges and universities,Alaska Native Serving Institutions and Native Hawaiian serving institutions

So only those institutions or people from those institutions are eligible to apply and because of that there is a much smaller applicant pool so it is much easier for people to achieve this award and the award itself is so awesome

Provides for two years of undergraduate study to again rising juniors majoring in any of the stem early the fields and this is up to $45,000 dollars in total support. This is just crazy and that includes travel and conference participation

So like the NOAA Hollings scholarship they will pay for your travel and pay for a conference for you there’s actually two internships associated with and first is the summer after your junior year so this is an 11 week paid summer internship at a training facility in Silver Springs during the second summer you have just like the NOAA Hollings scholarship and internship of your choice as they know facility anywhere in the world

So again, this is like the NOAA scholarship where you have to find a supervisor to work with but again you’ll have the funding behind you so it won’t be too difficult to actually find one at the end of both internships this is really cool

They’ll have you present the results of your research to an education and science symposium in Silver Spring maryland So a really cool opportunity to get some experience for presenting your research and also networking with a niche of people that are like you and driven also successful people

So, unfortunately for this internship specifically like the NOAA Hollings scholarship you have to be US citizen and you must be arising junior so make sure that you are aware of this ahead of time and properly plan this to apply as a rising junior

3. Monterey Bay Research Experience For Undergraduate(REU)

This is a program funded by the National Science Foundation there’s REUs all over the country and very diverse types of REUs definitely look into this further but they’re typically 10 week paid internship at partnered research institutions

This one isn’t moderate bay and the reason I wanted to mention this one is because it’s really unique in that it’s a collective of six different research institutions that are all focused on marine related studies

The research institutions that are involved in this collective program are some pretty stellar research universities and institutions.

So really great opportunity to kind of get your foot in the door and start networking with some really researchers and if you want to work in this location later on another really great idea

So unlike the NOAA Hollings scholarship and the EPP MSI scholarship this program you don’t reach out to and connect with a specific supervisor bit of the matching for you with a specific supervisor.

But it’s definitely not a bad idea to look at the supervisors participating in the program and start thinking about one that you would be interested in working with

So what you’re actually applying to this program is going to make your application much stronger if you have a really clear idea of what exactly you would want to work on

Even a specific person would be really powerful to show that you’ve a lot of intention to applying to this specific program it’s definitely for a programs like this really important to recognize that you are applying to this program for a very specific reason and that it’s really going to benefit you specifically in your specific interests later on

4. MOTE Marine Laboratory and Aquarium Research Eperience For Undergraduate(REU)

 MOTE marine lab and aquarium located in Sarasota Florida and this is a really incredible research institution it is not associated with the university MOTE is independent and non-profit marine research institution and there’s 30 PhD scientists in over 200 employees at institutions

So there’s a wide variety of different programs and things to get involved with at this specific marine lab and there’s a lot of really high caliber research that occurs here so as far as the actual program itself it offers a $5,500 dollars over a 10 week period

A lot like other REUs you get free housing and a local dormitory and you also get financial support for actually getting to the research institution from your home institution which is also incredible

It mentions that there’s paid research training experience upto 10 undergraduate students which is really cool because this is a larger REU program Normally are used are a bit smaller than that or they’re even only one to two undergraduate accepted a bit more variety and you get sort of a cohort of people to interact with which is beneficial for lots

It also mentions that you’ll get the opportunity to present your research in a manuscript style paper plus a laboratory wide symposium and this is really awesome for continuing to networking get to know your cohort and also the incredible researchers at this institution and getting to kind of flex a little bit and show off for these really renowned scientists and maybe develop some really important connections later on for the future

It also mentioned you might have the opportunity to go to a conference which is really incredible and really not that typical because conferences can be really expensive but you might have the opportunity to go and if you can you definitely should there’s so many benefits associated with a conference with connecting with other professionals and also becoming aware of many different opportunities

So many different things arise going to the conference so you should definitely go it also notes that historically underrepresented minorities instead are occurred to apply which is really incredible, that they seem to be more focusing on historically underrepresented individuals for this program

So you might even have an edge applying to this program if you come from what if these underrepresented backgrounds some other restrictions they mentioned with eligibility that you have to be undergraduate and you also have to be first time participate so you can’t have already done in NSF

5. Institute Smithsonian Tropical Marine Research (Short Term)Fellowship

Institute Smithsonian Tropical Marine Research at panama this is a really widely known and really established research institute for both land and aquatic tropical research and they were established years ago in Panama

So they have 40 stop scientists, 350 research projects and published 400 peer reviewed articles per year so some crazy statistics associated with this place so it’s pretty widely known and because of that their fellowship is really competitive so there fellowship is more geared toward graduate students

Although undergrads can apply to it and because it’s widely known and competitive there’s definitely a lot more work that goes into fellowship like this this fellowship is about three months and you can do it at four different times of the year because there’s always projects and always research occurring at this institute

Before you apply it’s really important that you have some sort of connection with a supervisor and some sort of support from a supervisor before you actually apply so this is definitely harder to do as an undergraduate if you don’t have much experience doing this but basically you have to research some of the professors at the Institute, you have to look through their research and look at a professor that you really interested in reach out to them and see if they have any projects you work on and then gain their support before you actually apply

This is definitely really difficult to do but if you’re really determined to get experience working abroad and it really established that this is the one of the best in the world as far as the actual award itself it’s about a $1000 dollars per month and about $3000 dollars total for the stipend

You also get a little bit of research allowance which is really generous for a program like this but again this is really focused on graduate students but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply as an undergraduate if you really determine you can still get something like this 

 6. REEF Marine Conservation Internship

REEF Marine Conservation Internship located in Florida Reef is a non-profit and they are a really cool organization in the Florida Keys Reef has a lot of educational resources and programs to teach people how to identify species on the Florida Keys reef system

They also teach people how to do surveys, how to analyze that data and put it into their system. So, their constantly putting it about these fish, surveys and different types of surveys and also invasive species

They also do some youth programs to teach kids about reconsideration so this internship is really unique because you get office in field experience so if you’re interested in getting involved in a non-profit later on if that’s one of your major career options that you’re thinking about this is a really incredible internship because you get a lot of experience working as an integrated part of the non-profit team

So as an intern you’re communicating with affiliated partners and people that are interested in learning more about your educational programs you’re also helping facilitate these programs both in the field and in the classroom and online and you get a lot of experience working with sites communication putting out the word for reefs resources

So a really dynamic kind of internship and normally this position is typically unpaid which is unfortunate but as a non-profit it’s sometimes difficult because like this it’s difficult to supply funds for that

There are paid opportunities for this internship and that’s why I wanted to list it in this paid opportunities list so there’s two different opportunities for this program and the first one is the Heppell Reef Marine Conservation Internship Scholarship and this is offered in the fall and the other one is the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society Internship Position

So the our world underwater scholarship society is a larger organization and they have some really cool right now and marine internships that are very competitive so that is not an easy one to get but it is an option if you are dedicated to this type of position.

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