Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs In Environmental Science| Environmental Science Careers And Salaries

We are going to be talking about seven careers jobs in environmental science that pays highest you guys should be aware of these jobs and these are for Americans mainly and their salaries in US dollars per year

1. Solar Energy Consultant

A solar energy consultant explains solar energy systems and resources to potential clients for this type of job is actually really important to have a marketing and sales experience

As a solar energy consultant is going to be really important to stay up-to-date with different trends and issues related to current for energy problems this type of information is really going to help you negotiating with different lending institutions, government offices and also in potential clients that you’re going to be talking to you in potentially it connects them with solar energy power

Many solar energy Consultants focus on residential customers although some will focus on large or larger industry because world and especially for environmental scientists in bringing solar power and renewable energy to hold on and raising awareness about that power to other people as well

This is extremely important in today’s world where we are using too many fossil fuels and non-renewable resources with are eventually going to put any more stress and environments all over the world

The educational qualification for Solar Energy Consultant is a bachelor’s degree and two years of experience is also ideal and the average salary for solar energy consultant is $60,000 per year

2. Hydraulic Engineer

A hydraulic engineer designs builds and test hydraulic components and machines this could be anything from tractors to excavators to big machines that you might see how in an agricultural field

A hydraulic engineer is going to be the person that’s providing the power necessary for those really large machines function this job is extremely important not only for agriculture but also for industry and those large construction machines that you see at building sites are all designed and contributed to by hydraulic Engineers

Educational qualification for hydraulic engineer job is bachelor’s degree is definitely standard as well as specifically an engineering degree within engineering

Most hydraulic Engineers are often civil or mechanical engineers the employers for this industry are majorly Construction, Agricultural, and Industrial companies

The average salary for hydraulic engineer is $76,000 dollars per year

3. Air Quality Engineer

 Air Quality Engineer is going to make sure that proper air quality is maintained. so to do this  they need to perform specific tasks to analyze and understand what kinds of toxins,chemicals are present in the air

They will use this information to recommend strategies to improve or to produce different kinds of equipment to better improve it as well

This type of job is extremely important for public health and safety and keeping people safe and making sure that they have precious oxygen in the air to breath but also for the environment making sure that hazardous toxins and chemicals don’t be late in different parts of the environment or the atmosphere

Educational qualification for Air Quality Engineer job is a Bachelors with an engineering degree and environmental engineering degree is often preferred for this type of job

It’s very important to be aware of government regulations related to air quality and the most common entities that are employing these types of engineers air quality engineers are government and private and research institutions

Research Institutions may employ air quality engineers to conduct Specific types of research to understand better methods and strategies to combat air pollution

The average annual salary for air quality engineer job is $77,000 dollars

4. Energy Analyst

Energy analyst is a specialist with a very high level of understanding for energy markets so they are responsible for locating,gathering ,analyzing energy data to provide information and analysis to different entities

As energy analyst it is extremely important in learning how to improve our energy efficiency which is extremely important nowadays as we’re using more energy than we ever have

Educational qualification for Energy Analyst for an entry level Position is usually a bachelor’s degree preferably in something related to math statistics or an engineering

It’s also important to have some type of economic marketing experience to get a better grasp on the trends that are happening in the energy market

There are a wide range of employers in the energy sector from Gas companies to environmental firms the average annual salary for energy analyst is $80,000 dollars per year

5. Suatainability Engineer

Sustainability engineer is going to be designing and developing projects buildings and systems to meet different kinds of sustainability standard this could be something like the Briem standard or lead certifications which was built to basically identify something as sustainable

The sustainability engineer is helping in the process of developing a specific product system or building to meet those requirements to be sustainable so this type of job can have a lot of variation in the types of things that a sustainability engineer is going to do anywhere from designing very energy efficient light bulbs to designing entire buildings and making sure that they need sustainability standards

The main difference between an environmental engineer and a sustainability engineer is that a sustainability engineer is focused on the design and life of a specific type of product and environmental engineer is focused on some of the more large-scale things like pollution mitigation or natural resource management

So this type of career is incredibly important in being on the front lines of developing more sustainable products to make our society as a whole be more sustainable

Educational qualification for sustainability engineer job requires a bachelor’s degree and a minimum within engineering degree as well so an engineering certification is also essential to be sustainability engineer

The average annual salary for sustainability engineer is $82,000 dollars per year

 6. Energy Manager

Energy manager will evaluate energy use and design energy systems to increase efficiency and reduce energy related costs they may do this for a scenery equipment buildings or physical structures to increase their efficiency in energy

It’s a little similar to an energy analyst but an energy manager is going to be in the process of design to improve them as well this type of job is extremely important in making sure that we’re not wasting energy and that we’re using our energy that we have the best possible way

The education qualification for energy manager job is bachelor’s degree in engineering but aslo degrees in mathematics, Architecture or Physical sciences are often accepted as well for different kinds of jobs

Energy managers are mployed by manufacturing companies but also colleges and universities that are interested in increasing their Energy Efficiency across their school

The average annual salary for an energy manager is $87,000 dollars per year

7. Water Project Manager

Water project manager is going to supervise projects related to water or wastewater treatment programs a water project manager is involved in the supervision and management of different water or Wastewater Management Systems

They make sure that there’s efficient use and delivery of water and make sure to monitor water quality water supply and the distribution system this is probably one of the most important of all the careers that I mentioned above and that is because it is involved in the management of our most precious resource in the world

It is to conserve the water that we have and get it from sustainable resources and also make sure that we’re using it as efficiently as possible so this is an extremely important role in environmental sense

Because we’re now running water in certain areas of the world just a few years ago in South Africa they actually had a scare where there was ran low enough water to cause them to restrict their supply to the entire city

This is a massive issue in a very scary reality that we’re coming to in some parts of the world so this type of job is extremely important in making sure that we’re making the most use possible in the water that we have

The average annual salary for water project manager is $88,000 dollars per year

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