Top 9 Best Marine Biology Career Jobs In The World

In this article we guide you in detailed view  of world best 9 marine jobs as career in marine biology if you like hearing about Marine career advice or environmental career advice then ocean12tech is the best website to guide you and we mainly geared towards the United States

But generally speaking these types of positions you can find in other places in the world

These Are The Top 9 Best Marine Biology Career Jobs In The World

1. Dive Safety Officer

A dive safety officer is in charge of all of the dive operations of a research facility or a university so the dive safety officer some of the typical things that he would do is maintain all of the paperwork associated with all the diving operations for research facility at University

Dive safety officer would also make taking all the organization for dive locker and make sure that all of the scuba equipment was ready to go and it was safe to use

Dive safety officer also led a safety class where the certified all of the new scientific divers for the University and he also got the opportunity to dive all of the time

Dive safety officer was diving like at least once or twice each week and he was off to the go to divert if someone needed help on a specific projects which are really cool opportunity if you love diving you generally only need a bachelor’s for that type of position or a lot of diving experience

Generally salaries for Dive safety officer position are going to be a somewhere between $25000 to $50,000 and that’s going to vary a lot from the facility or university that you’re working with

The second career option for marine biology that I want to talk about is one that you probably won’t initially think of but this is another really cool unique kind of option that’s still relates to marine biology and that is being in FWC law enforcement officer this is the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission there’s also other State wide fish and wildlife commissions but in Florida there’s a lot of opportunity to work in Marine settings because we have so much Coastline.

2. Fish And Wild Life Law Enforcement Officer

Fish and wild law enforcement officer is going to be protecting habitats and enforcing laws out on the water they’re going to be protecting the waterways making sure people are actually following the speed limit and not going to areas that they shouldn’t

They’re also every now and then going to have to pull over boaters making sure that they are actually fishing according to regulation there’s also a lot of benefits when working with the government

Fish and wild life law enforcement officer salaries start in Florida around $36,000 a year

There also a lot of other benefits with working with the government with a lot of job security and retirement options and other really great benefits. Okay, so the third career option with a marine biology as a very typical one and it’s one that Since and in the past few years and that is a research assistant or research technician.

3. Marine Research Assistant/Research Technician

There’s many different kinds of things you can do as a research assistant and just for example of the like wide variety of things you could do working in a lab as a technician

As a research technician you work in a deep sea lab for example like shark lab you have to take shark samples selected from a survey and measure all the the cartilage,the spines and a few other different things related to the shark for an age and growth study and collecting all of that data and inputting it into a system so that is a kind of the typical kind of workflow of a research technician

You can also work on dividing artificial reefs taking pictures of those reefs,dentifying every single species that you see in those picture

Research Technicians and Research Assistants are doing a lot of data measurement that a collection,data entry and management. So that is mainly their role and there’s a lot of different ways that that can actually look based on whatever project that you are specifically working on

Marine Research Assistant/Research Technicians salary ranges from $48,000 to $55,000 a year

The fourth job option within marine biology is something that you might not typically think of but is really cool and really integrated with this field and that is public relationships

4. Public Relations Specialist/Public Relations Coordinators

Public relations specialists or public relations coordinators are going to be the ones managing social media accounts and managing like the news outlets at research facility at university

The public relation specialist and their job was to run all of the social media accounts and generate all of these exciting stories related to all of the research that we actually did. This kind of job is a really cool opportunity to do something creative and advocate for the types of things that we do in marine science

Public Relations Specialist/Public Relations Coordinator salaries for this type of position can range anywhere from $40,000 to $70,000 there’s going to be a lot of range with this based on the organization that you think

The next two jobs we talk about are related to non-governmental organizations and if you’re not familiar what those are they’re basically profits and they are working towards some social or environmental cause so there’s many NGOs out there

Not governmental organization is the same as an NGO but there’s many NGOs out there that are working towards marine issues and raising awareness for them one position that you can have within an NGO focused on marine of related issues is an outreach coordinator and outreach coordinators

5. NGO Outreach Coordinator

Out Reach Coordinator main role is kind of similar to the public relations of position that I was talking about in the last job option they are working with the community and applicating for the organization so they may be managing the social media accounts,writing newsletters for the NGO or they might be reaching out to the community and planning events with the community at the NGO

Salary for NGO outreach coordinator salary ranges from $40,000 to $55,000 a year

The next position that I want to talk about that is still related to non-governmental organizations and NGOs is you can be a program scientist or marine biologist with an NGO

6. NGO Program Scientist/Marine Scientist

NGO Program Scientist/Marine Scientist works as developing country at an NGO and able to work directly with a lot of interns and a lot of volunteers help execute that research on the reef and on the island

Once some of that data has been did and it had been processed being at an NGOs and being so integrated with community lots of opportunity to bring that science to the community and presented not only a scientist but also someone outraged someone that’s working with stakeholders it’s a really cool opportunity to be just on the frontlines of change within the world

A typical salary for NGO Program Scientist/Marine Scientist can go anywhere from $15,000 to $100,000 a year its based on the income of the non profit because their salaries can be are kind of crazy too because all the funding comes from donations and grants and other funding sources because they are not for profit so that’s definitely something to consider if you are considering a job with an at NGO

7. Middle/High School Teacher

Becoming in middle or high school teacher and being able to teach either biology or marine biology you can work very intimately with up to 30 to 40 students and you get just all the freedom in the world to talk about what you are passionate about

Another great thing to consider is that being a high school and middle school teacher this is a widely available job that you can find at literally anywhere in the world because educators are always needed and educators for the Sciences tend to be in higher demand

So salary is for a high school or middle school teacher are going to range a lot but generally state-to-state they stay pretty similar in Florida something actually really cool happened where the governor just signed a huge bill to find this so much more money into them

The starting salary has been raised to $47,000 which is really exciting and hopefully more States move this direction because Educators everywhere there are commonly underpaid but generally speaking salaries range from anywhere from $25,000 to $85,000 in the more expensive states with more expensive cost of living Spike needs to launch his bold new delivery business online of cost of living.

8. Aquatic Veternarian

Aquatic veterinarian is basically going to be commonly working at an aquarium and they are going to be the person looking after the fish,large mammals,large reptiles and they are going to be doing some very cool Hands-On checkups with these very unique cool animals

They’re going to be measuring the water quality and making sure all of the nutrients. Are. OK. They’re also going to be monitoring the food and making sure that all of the animals that are being taken care of at a specific aquarium are going to be well fed and having proper nutrients and it’s not an easy position to attain

There are very few positions of aquatic veterinarians however there are some they are just it can be really difficult to find the schooling for it because it’s so unique and can be difficult to fight residencies and actual positions.

However, At the job does exist there is also another type of aquatic veterinarian that doesn’t work specifically with aquariums they might do like a private practice kind of thing where people actually take their fish to go see a veterinarian

It makes kind of sense if you’re spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on fish you want to make sure that they’re actually healthy so there is a profession where People take in their fish and various aquatic animals to a private veterinarian

Okay, so the last job I’m going to talk about with in marine biology is definitely the big one the one that everyone wants to be when they are a little kid and that is the full out marine biologist

9. Marine Biologist

Marine biologist at a research institution or a university as a professor can do many different things they are going to have some level of coursework that they are actually teaching and they’re going to have some level of research that they are conducting themselves

Sometimes they’re 100% research, sometimes they’re 100% teaching but most of the time they’re going to have a balance of both a lifestyle of a professor is extremely busy but it is extremely fast-paced and it can be very exciting

So these are the people that usually will spend some portion of the year in the field this can be anywhere in the world this would be at the bottom of the ocean,It can be out on the Open Sea,It can be in Antartica,Galapagos many different places that are biologists can work in all depends on what they are specifically interested in doing

So this is why it is really desirable for many people that are interested in Marine Biology to pursue because once you are Professor you have a lot of freedom to pursue exactly what you want to teach about it,explore it and research it

So marine biologists are going to spend a lot of their time writing grants and getting funds you have to prove yourself they’re also going to spend a lot of time writing reports and analyzing the data they collect

It’s actually a very small portion of time that they are actually in the field doing things like tagging sharks or chasing stingrays or dolphins or whatever in the field and they get to do some very cool things and they get to do those things but it’s only a small part of here so definitely recognize that you have to love science

You have to love the whole grind of getting funding getting people excited about what you do and actually coming up with a whole plan to go into the field and then spending almost a whole year working on the things that you learned and collected during that time

So it’s also important to recognize you need to have a PhD to usually get to this point but once you’ve got actually got into the point of being professor the salary is quite nice compared to all the above jobs that I mentioned

According to the data from the “American Association of University” marine  as professors and entry level professor is going to be making close to $72,000 full professor is going to be making around $100,000 although it is incredibly hard to catch that point to there

It’s a very comfortable kind of position usually have lifetime jobs security that’s what’s called tenure but they can’t be very difficult to get there it super cool career but definitely lots of things to think about if you’re thinking about pursuing the whole marine biology.

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