Top Best Careers In Ecology,Biology And Environmental Science In USA

Hello everyone welcome to ocean12tech in this article we are going to give you an detail view about all the different types of careers and Lifestyles you can have in ecology

These Are The Top Best Careers In Ecology, Biology And Environmental Science In USA

1. Government Careers

 A first sector of jobs that does involve ecology is within the government’s and there’s a lot of different types of jobs that you could have within the government that relate to ecology

Government jobs that you can work in Ecology are as a wildlife Biologist, Park Naturalist, Restoration Ecologist, Fisheries Biologist,  Hydrologist Geographer, Project Manager, Environmental Lawyer, Community Outreach Coordinator and Educator

There are so many different types of things that you can do within the government that relate to ecology and lots of different departments, lots of different places that you can work at the government

The United States government is very large so lots of opportunity already in different types of jobs that exist so as far as education goes for job availability there’s it’s definitely positions available at all levels

Eligibility for government job as Community Outreach Coordinator or a Park Ranger in Ecology is bachelor’s degree

If you are interested in types of positions like a Park Naturalist Biologist’s or Fisheries Biologist those types of things normally need at least a Master’s Degree

There are also definitely positions available at the highest level after PhD those are usually the project managers and the project coordinators for a lot of the larger science related projects

As far as stability goes four types of careers in ecology and the most stable jobs are definitely going to be these types of jobs within the government and you’re generally going to have some really great benefits and a very comfortable salary

If you are working with the government as well so there tends to be some really awesome it’s like health insurance and retirement options associated with government position

2. Academic Careers

Academic jobs in Research and Academia these jobs that exist in Academia that involve in ecology are University Researchers, University professors, Researchers at private institutions, Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Technicians.

Education qualification for this type of position in Academia is generally almost always going to be at the Masters level at least and oftentimes a PhD

So if you are feeling for something like a Research technician in ecology you can definitely get those at the Bachelors level but even those research technician positions tend to be pretty competitive and there’s even people with Masters competing for things at that level

It’s very competitive in Academia to find roles and jobs especially if you’re not in an undergraduate you are kind of in between or don’t even really want to do a masters it’s definitely difficult to find jobs in Academia so a big push for PhD

As far as stability goes for Ecology type careers Probably the least stable option is not the biggest thing in acadamia especially at those lower levels technician positions and postdoctoral positions are usually on a one to three year contract

So it’s not guaranteed that you’re going to have long-term employment when you get to those higher positions at research institutions or universities you be more likely to have something called tenure which is a much longer contract and much more stability with your job

But you have to get to those higher positions that usually require seven to ten years of experience before you get to that stable point and this kind of relates to salary and benefits as well

Salary can be on the lower end in this section of jobs for entry-level positions and even when you’re at the postdoctoral level benefits are pretty slim when you get to this point there are minimal health insurance options

Retirement options are not really anything either just because academic positions at the entry level are so short term and rely on contracts s there aren’t many long-term benefits at that level

I do have to say one of the benefits of a job in the academic category it’s the field experience and the ability to basically work on exactly what you want to especially if you’re at those higher levels

If you’re a university professor and for a professor at a research institution then you can literally work on exactly what your heart desires you can study whatever you want as long as you get the enjoy in your work and that is a really liberating thing

What draws a lot of people to Academia the other really cool thing about having a job in Academia is the extensive field experience components so research technicians are generally in the field doing a lot of groundwork

They’ll also work in the lab a lot and they’ll be working in the university office, Professors and Researchers are also in the field for a substantial portion of the year which is really big perk of being a professor or researcher definitely not a typical type of job spending one to three months to a year out in the field

However, that is one of three months of the year as a professor and for the rest of the year you’re often teaching you’re doing projects, and you are mentoring grad students all the other things that come along with you professor

3. Nonprofit Careers In Ecology

Nonprofit organizations are basically organizations that have deemed themselves not for profit they’re not seeking money from the public for services or products they are just trying to support an environmental or social cause

The major goal for Ecology is focused environmental non-profits to get science to the people so they’ll have researchers going and collecting that data supported by the organization they’ll have people accessing that data and then they will have lots of communications and Outreach people to break down that science into the public through social media, through presentations, through Flyers, through all kinds of different things

Communication is extremely important in the nonprofit sector so I wanted to also mention that nonprofits can vary from an extremely small one and have five to ten person organization all the way up into the thousands

Oceana is really huge world and wildlife fun is literally massive there are so many nonprofits that are not small and offer very respectable very well paid positions a lot of people don’t realize for

Education for a non-profit type of job in ecology is bachelor’s and it is often fine for a lot of entry-level positions it depends on the scale and size of the nonprofit but generally an entry-level position you can get a bachelor’s and get a job just fine

A master’s can help you get a lot of higher paying positions for nonprofits and that is important to know and especially in larger nonprofits and master is can help you a lot but an interesting thing to think about with nonprofits is the PHD

PHD actually rarely necessary in nonprofits and especially the smaller nonprofits that don’t necessarily have the need for someone with a PhD you can actually over qualify yourself for a job in the smaller nonprofits

Because once you have a PhD there the expectation to get paid a lot more money if there is a position at a non-profit and there’s someone with a PhD and someone without Masters applying for this one position at a smaller nonprofit

The small nonprofit is probably going to take the person with the Masters or Bachelors over someone with a PhD because they simply cannot afford to pay for that person and they don’t really need someone with that much expertise they just need someone that is just really organized and really capable of doing whatever the job entails

So something to definitely think about a PhD can really help you in larger organizations where there is more of a need for much more expertise and much more specialization especially ones that require a lot of research and science

But generally it is not often needed in this field as far as stability goes this is another important conversation for someone interested in the nonprofit sector its variable the stability depends on what type of organization are at or the size of the organization

So smaller nonprofits are definitely not going to be as stable job options as a large nonprofit for Obvious reasons that it’s just like a small business there if it’s a small business especially newer small businesses there just isn’t the infrastructure and support yet within the organization to really support the employees long-term

But at large organizations there is generally a very comfortable job security and you’re not going to have as much problem with worrying about your pay or worrying about job security or anything like that because the organization is so well established and the infrastructure is comfortable enough that you should have a problem with anything affecting your contract

Another important thing to talk about is salary and benefits in the nonprofit sector and you might be surprised to learn that nonprofit salaries are very comparable and slightly less than for profit organizations they tagged to offer some really generous employee benefits which is something that was really interesting to learn researching

So they try to buffer the slightly lowered salary with these really great benefits that are generally going to end up with a more satisfying career if you’re working at a non-profit you’re going to be working for an environmental cause you’re going to be working about for something that is really important and the work you’re going to do is going to matter which is going to feel really good and outweigh a slight decrease in pay from for profit industries and you also might learn that your salary is extremely comparable to similar positions in for profit

4. Industry Careers

Industry Careers and Consulting in ecology an environmental consultant works with a Consulting you can start Consulting  your own agency although it’s definitely best to start out with a larger organization but basically a client will hire an environmental consultant to use a psychological science to solve social and ecological issues

So this could be with a new building being placed or with a problem happening in the rivers and lakes in the community and it could be anything. There’s so many different social ecologically issues that occur with different businesses and people will hire these Consultants to come out to figure out the most environmentally friendly Solution

That’s also the most affordable solution so people can get environmental consulting physicians at the bachelor’s level for most entry level positions, Masters can help take you to more supervisory positions and also increase your pay and a PhD take you to the top of Consulting in supervising very large projects and helping supervise the supervisors

So as far as stability goes for this type of job it tends to be of a quite stable option If you’re working with a larger firm and you can signed a longer contract with more comfortable retirement and health insurance options

If you’re working as an independent consultant this can be obviously a little bit less stable because it’s going to be reliant on you finding clients and making sure that you always have contracts coming but you can’t have a lot of flexibility in what month what week hours that you’re working It’s all up to you, but obviously, it’s going to be less stable and as far as salary goes for this type of job you can expect to make around $50,000 to $60 ,000 thousand dollars

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